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June 8, 2007

Moving out

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My sister and her boyfriend are moving to Wetteren. You don’t have to see it as losing a sibling but as gaining a room :).


May 19, 2007

La Flandre profonde

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Welcome to Flanders, where every town has it’s own bicyclerace.

May 17, 2007


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My mother’s favorite chicken, “Brahma”.

May 11, 2007

Too much

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The weather is too much for my four legged friend.

May 8, 2007


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Thirty-something days without any rain whatsoever might make you forget that it snowed less than three months ago.

January 31, 2007


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It’s the church in my hometown (Oordegem, Belgium), this picture is a bit of an experiment with backlighting (I am quite pleased with it).

October 14, 2006


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As you can see, my grandfather is a jolly fellow.

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