untitled photoblog project


First of all, thanks to Johan from the Partyon.be DJ team for hosting all my pictures.

If you are in the neighbourhood, why don’t you check out the activities of JOC Exixion. I am a member of the board of that organisation.

Don’t insult your own intelligence by reading bad webcomics. Check out the good ones like Achewood or The Perry Bible Fellowship.

Maybe you want to know what kind of music I listen to, or maybe you want to keep your own automated hitparade, check out my last.fm (formerly audioscrobbler) page. Please do call me a faggot for liking Radiohead because doing that is totally edgy and means you are “with it”.

Pienterjan rides the alleweder at daar.be. His bike is also a boat! It’s true! Sponsor his environmentaly friendly bike if you have money.

Belgiumdigital is the place to be if you want to buy or sell used photo equipment in Flanders. It also features a big showcase and some technical fora where you can get some pretty good first-hand (sometimes a bit too technical though) info on software, cameras, lenses, etc. It’s pretty much the Belgian DPZ.

Phil Askey has reviewed hundreds of digital cameras and has been doing it for years. Check out his very detailed reports on his website Digital Photography Review.

Herman is still the best Belgian photoblogger.

I went to Chernobyl once and you can check my pictures on my blogspot site.


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